Details about our 5 day Spring Detox.

We are looking forward to accompanying you through these 5 days of cleaning, recovering, and letting go.

From Saturday 26th to Wednesday 30st we will:

  • Eat a light vegetarian diet inspired by Ayurvedic panchakarma nutrition.
  • Take a break from stimulants, such as coffee, tea, and alcohol.
  • Practice healthy routines.
  • Retire the best way possible from stress and negativity
  • Practice cleansing yoga asanas and pranayamas.

This practice allows renewal as we clean ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally to make space for the new to come!

Register today and you will receive:

  1. One Explanatory Video of Dynacaria, healthy routines.
  2. One Explanatory Video introducing Ayurveda basics.
  3. Detox + Healthy Routines PDF: it contains all the info you need for your shopping list and will give you an idea of what these retreat days will look like.
  4. Access to LIVE Zoom Q&A on Thursday, March 24th at 20:00h CET and access to the recording.
  5. Daily yoga classes during the detox guided by our team of teachers.

Register here