When we dedicate time to our physical health, mental clarity, and strength of heart, we are able to be more authentic, intentional & resilient! 

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Lucia · Zürich

The most magical part of this teacher's training is that you are from the very first day part of a family. The course is well-rounded in physical, spiritual, and philosophical learning. A very unique part is that you never get bored or overwhelmed not only because of the content but because you have access to a mix of wonderful and experienced teachers.

They are all so passionate and full of incredible wisdom and experience its a pleasure just to be around them. There is a sense of freedom that I loved and appreciated, and you and your unique being is a priority over any teachings. Imagine Academy teachings have been part of my own personal and professional transformation, towards a more authentic life. My personal biggest gift is that this course ignited a curiosity to want to connect and get deeper into my own needs and emotions, in a joyful way. Yes, part of it was hard (those early mornings) but I always felt fully supported, and most importantly, I made friends for life. I can not thank the team enough for the investment of their time, and wisdom. Thank you!